Frequently Asked Questions


Who can get CSE service?

From corporate and retail tenants to non-profits, universities and municipalities, we provide our customers with a practical way to integrate renewable power.


How can you guarantee my rates for 20 years?

Simple. No better data set exists than how much the sun shines every day, and the panels we install work for 20+ years. Our costs are known up front, which provides predictability for us, the energy provider, and you, the energy consumer.


Does it really not cost anything?

Yes, all costs for construction and installation are covered by Cherry Street Energy. All you have to pay for is the power that you use. This is set in our contract at the beginning and is competitive with most existing utility rates.


Georgia Power is cool with this?

Yes! Cherry Street Energy proudly partners with Georgia Power to provide you with a renewable energy solution. We deal with all the paperwork and maintenance, so you don’t have to sweat it.