We make solar achievable

Cherry Street Energy powers cities, businesses and institutions with renewable energy. We sell solar power directly to large-scale customers, enabling them to stabilize their energy rates and make significant, measurable reductions in their carbon emissions.

Belief Statement

We sit at an inflection point where advances in technology, banking & construction have made renewable energy necessary and viable. We believe that renewable energy’s effect on the built environment is right, prosperous and inevitable. Cherry Street Energy, through the Shine On program, has developed the infrastructure to genuinely and strategically respond to future needs with speed, grace and diligence.

We have committed to creating a brighter world that will not only grow our businesses and enhance our communities, but enable a shining future of renewable energy that we can all take part in, no matter who we are or where we come from.

At Cherry Street Energy, we wholeheartedly believe that renewable energy has the capacity to power our economies, our communities and our world.

Shine On is our way of engaging the brightest minds to tackle the interwoven challenges facing our Economy, Community, and Environment.


The seismic growth of the solar and renewable energy sector creates widespread opportunity and demands a collective response. Shine On is our vision for that response – a vision for putting bright thinking and bright action to work, so the benefits of the renewable energy economy will shine on everyone.

Shine on

Creating a Brighter World


The global renewable energy industry estimates that it will reach over $16 trillion by 2030. Shine On helps us connect these global growth trends with community and industry needs.


We need new, skilled talent to keep pace with the fast growth of solar and renewable construction. Shine On connects partners from industry, community, government and the private sector to create the training, opportunities and jobs that lead to an even brighter future for us all.


Our economy and society demand reliable, safe energy. Bringing smarter power solutions to large-scale clients helps them achieve their environmental stewardship goals and keep their communities healthy.

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Meet the Cherry Street Energy team

Michael Chanin
Tanya Saracino
Chief of Staff
Julian Thomas
Chief Construction Officer
Wade Thompson
Chief of Brand & Communications
Hamilton Hutchinson
Professional Engineer
Alex Snedeker
Director of Marketing
Brent Hobson
Marketing PM
Daniel Uribe
Sales Manager
Dori Hernandez
Director of Design
Christian McClure
Quality Controller
Kardell Brown
Senior Accountant
Connor Houlihan
Director of Finance

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