Cherry Street Energy provides solar and renewable energy to large-scale clients. We are surrounded by an abundance of clean, local and predictable energy. Simple as sunshine.

We remove the cumbersome barriers between you and good, clean energy.

On Jekyll Island, a former landfill produces clean energy
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Terrapin now using sun to power brewery
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Welcome All and Sandtown Parks to Get Solar through Cherry Street Energy Partnership
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Transformative solar power agreement will help Emory reduce greenhouse gas emissions
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Atlanta makes progress with installation of solar panels at homes, city-owned buildings
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City of Atlanta Taps SGR Client Cherry Street to Launch Clean Energy Program
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Solar Industry Waits For Lift From New Law
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“Cherry Street Energy offers reliable solar energy to supplement our traditional energy supplier for electricity!  It’s environmentally friendly; cheaper; and no up-front costs. What’s not to like about this plan!  I like my energy like I like my eggs; sunny side up!”

Mayor Robert Reichert

, Macon-Bibb

"We didn’t know where to start, but from the outset of the conversation with Cherry Street, it felt like a partnership, not a business deal."

Dustin Watts

, Terrapin President

"Our experience with Cherry Street was both seamless and graceful, two essential characteristics to have in a partner when navigating the many design, permitting and construction challenges with any multifamily development. Not only did the Cherry Street team work shoulder-to-shoulder with our architect, construction superintendent and General Contractor from start to finish, but they confidently took the lead on the required permitting with the City of Atlanta."

Gregg Bayard

, Parallel Housing

"This is a crucial step for Emory in reaching our sustainability goals and reaffirms our commitment to generate at least 10 percent of energy on campus through clean energy alternatives like solar, furthering our efforts towards 100 percent clean energy in partnership with the City of Atlanta by 2035."

Ciannat Howett

, associate vice president of Resilience, Sustainability and Economic Inclusion at Emory University
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