Launch a world-class solar program without the headaches and expenses.

Cherry Street Energy customers purchase solar power at a competitive rate. Each customer benefits from a comprehensive solar experience, as well as energy insights and analytics.

We deliver smart power solutions for large-scale clients.

Utilize our rapidly deployable solutions and experience the Cherry Street difference.

No upfront investment

At Cherry Street, we handle the entire installation of your solar program at no cost to your organization.

Remove the complexity of solar

Simplicity is at the core of what we do. We work with our customers to break down and remove the barriers to building a solar program.

Decrease long-term costs

Switching to Cherry Street reduces your regular energy costs and keeps them stable & predictable.

Reduce & report emissions

We help lower your emissions and meet your ESG goals, with the insights & analytics to prove it.

A superior experience

We are focused on making your solar experience as simple as possible. Our priority is to provide the highest level of service, from equipment to engagement.


Site Consultation

We design and engineer the most feasible, effective & productive solar plan for each property.


Engineering, Permitting & Construction

We and our partners take care of the headaches –installation costs, insurance, permitting and construction– so you don’t have to.


Best-in-class equipment

We partner with well-known and trusted manufacturers to provide the best equipment for all of our projects.


Constant maintenance

Our commitment to your solar program doesn’t end after installation. Cherry Street continues to own, operate, maintain and upgrade your renewable energy systems.


Insights and monitoring

We help lower your emissions and meet your ESG goals, with the insights & analytics to prove it.


Engagement program

We measure the data and produce the engagement tools that allow you to address your solar program in marketing & sales materials.

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